What is Holy Hustle?

What is Holy Hustle?

Yo yo.

While we haven’t officially launched the Holy Hustle Podcast (that’s happening in 2 weeks), I am excited to share with you a preview of what to expect with the HolyHustle Newsletter (goes live when the podcast launches in 2 weeks – I’m so hyped).

This is where we will be sharing the latest and greatest business and faith tips to help you grow both personally and professionally.

But first, let's talk about "What is a Holy Hustle?"

Simply put, It's all about working hard and having God involved in your plans. It's not only about achieving success but about living a fulfilling and purposeful life that honors God.

One of my favorite passages from the Bible that really captures the essence of the Holy Hustle is the parable of the talents in Matthew 25. It's about three servants who were entrusted with different amounts of money by their master…

The first two invested and grew their money, while the third buried it out of fear. The first two were commended for their efforts, while the third was rebuked for not using what he had been given.

This parable teaches us that we are called to use our talents and resources to the best of our abilities and that God rewards those who do so…

We are not called to sit back and wait for opportunities to come to us but to actively seek them out and make the most of them.

And that's where the Holy Hustle comes in…

It's about taking massive action and putting in the hard work while also seeking God's guidance and wisdom along the way. And that's exactly what we will be discussing in this newsletter.

So, what can you expect from the Holy Hustle Newsletter?

You can expect to learn practical business and marketing tips while also incorporating biblical principles and values into your work.

We will be sharing stories and insights from world-class experts in their fields who have built successful businesses that honor God.

As a bonus, here's a key tip to get you started on your Holy Hustle journey: (write this stuff out)

  • Make a list of your God-given talents and skills.
  • Write down 3 ways that you can use those talents and skills to create MORE impact in your world and the work you’re doing (or a side hustle you’re starting).
  • Then, go and take action and start working towards those goals, seeking God's guidance and wisdom along the way.
    Excited to share this journey with you as we make a Kingdom impact in the world together.

    Your homie,
    Alejandro Reyes

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Alejandro Reyes

Alejandro Reyes

Alejandro helps course creators and experts turn their audience into a money-making business. Before that, Alejandro built the digital strategy that took an unknown startup to $100m in 2 years.